White Feces Cure

White Commando

Recently, the shrimp industry affected by ite feces disease (White-Comander – White feces-Cure) caused by gregarines, El-11) (Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei), Vibrio and its toxin which causes huge economic losses. White Feces Disease (WFD) will affect animal growth, survival considerablyand increases FCR.


Treatment measures are taken by both Feed supplement & Water applications.


Morning 6 am feed supplement:

White-Comander (White Feces- Cure) Powder form – 5 gms /1 Kg Take 5 gms of (White-Comander) with 20 gm jaggery and 50 ml of raw milk/24-hour fermentation mix with feed, dry for 1 hour, and then coated the feed with gel. White Commando – ( Paste form) 15- 20 gm /1 kg feed with equal amount of water, then coated with feed.

  • Morning 10.30 am feed supplement: Nature Acid (3 ml) mix with feed using gel.
  • Afternoon 2.30 pm feed supplement: Perfect bind 30 ml-50 ml (or) any fish oil 30 ml -50 ml /1 kg mix with feed.
  • Evening 5.30 pm feed supplement: MAXI-GROW 10 gms /1 kg mix with feed using gel or with any immunostimulator¬†

Recommended dosage by consultant.