NItrite in aquaculture system is due to feed waste, faeces and plankton crash. The excess nitrogen will be converted into ammonia (TAN, NH , and NH +), which is ten converted into nitrite (NO ), 3 4 2 simultaneously into nitrate (NO ) by denitrifying bacteria. But under low pH condition, the converted 3 nitrite becomes toxic to the animal.

Microbial solution for Nitrite solution


If pH is low (7.4 – 7 or less), will be toxic for low NO -level. Hence, the role of probiotics in de nitrification 2 cycle is important to reduce toxic effect of NO -. Our product Pro-Nite contains Thiobacillus, 2 Micrococcus, Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter and enzymes. Pro-Nite will reduce toxic nitrate, H S, 2 increase DO, imporove feed intake and growth rate.


  • Apply Pro-Nite 500 – 1000 gms / hec / 1 meter of water column
  • 100 gms of Pro-Nite / one acre

Usage Directions:

Can be mixed with sand, and broadcast over pond recommended dosage by consultant.

Package size: 500 Gms.

Other way to reduce nitrite toxicity:

If pH is low, nitrite becomes toxic, Hence, we can increase pH in order to reduce nitrite toxicity.

Low pH remedy:

To increase pH – For DOC below 40 – Apply Agrilime (CaCO3 ), After 50 – 75 DOC – Apply Burnt lime (CaO) After DOC 75 – End of culture – Shell lime / Quick Lime (CaO) & NaOH Increase water exchange, apply zeolite

Dosage: Recommended dosage by consultant.