Dissolved Oxygen (DO)


Is the most important parameter in aquaculture. DO level in pond is depends on 3 factors.

  1. Oxygen is not much dissolve in water and have only limited capacity to hold oxygen.
  2. Rate of oxygen consumption by animal, plankton and other organism in aqua pond.
  3. Atmospheric oxygen diffusion in pond water (increased by aerator)

These factors cause changes in the DO level in aqua system. Generally, most aquaculture species will growand thrive within a DO range of 5-12 mg/L (ppm). However, if DO level decreases below 4 mg/L, animal feelstress, stop feeding, and cause death.


High Quality Oxygen Releaser

Maintenance of DO level is important to tackle the effect of nitrite (NO2). Our product Hyper-O2 contains high quality oxygen releaser which releases oxygen when applied in the pond. The product’s oxygen stability (increased O2 level) is maintained few hours after application. Hyper-O2 increases dissolved oxygen level, assist the animal to recover from DO stress, and helps in animal moulting. It enhances the degradation of organic waste.

When to Apply :-

  • Hyper-O2 is act as an oxdizing agent which oxidises toxic gases in the pond.
  • The animals are in stress and need more
    oxygen during moulting.
  • Hyper-O2 will help animal to relieve
    from DO stress and toxic ga

Dosage :

500 gms to 1 Kg / acre / 1-meter water depthorasthe consultant’s recommendation. 1 Kg – 2 Kg / acre / 1-meter water depth for BOD and COD periods.

Usage Directions:

Mix the Hyper-O2 only with dry sand and apply to the entire surface of the pond.

Package size : 1 Kg / 10 Kg / 50 Kg
Dosage: Recommended dosage by consultant.