Easy plankton development

Bloom Booster

In the aquaculture pond, planktons are important for the stabilization of pond ecosystem and water quality. Both Nutrients and environment conditions are required for development of phytoplankton blooms. The major factors that prevent the phytoplankton development are nutrient deficiency from infertile soil, poor water quality, and unfavorable physical conditions such as pH, weather changes etc. The absence or poor plankton development in aqua ponds causes decrease in dissolved oxygen level, increases the rate of cannibalisms.
We recommend BLOOM BOOSTER for the easy development of phytoplankton to your aquaculture ponds.

Bloom Booster contain :

Essential organic liquid minerals and essential amino acids.


  • To increase the level of dissolved oxygen, and for the reduction of toxic gases like ammonia, nitrate, hydrogen sulphide in the pond.
  • For the stabilization pond water quality, and to lower the level of toxic compounds.
  • Planktons as a natural feed for the animal, and planktons give natural ecosystem.
  • Planktons act as a natural shelter for the animal, and in turn reduces the rate of cannibalisms, simultaneously improves the survival.
  • Helps to increase and stabilize water temperature and pH.
  • Reduces the load of pathogenic and un-wanted microbial populations by competing with available nutrients in the water.

Dosage :

1- 4 ltr / 1 acre of pond or recommended dosage by consultant.

Dosage: Recommended dosage by consultant.